A purpose-driven blog


This blog will hopefully serve a few purposes, and, although we’d like to claim otherwise, not all of them are totally selfless. But let’s start with the one that is:
1. To let other entrepreneurs (especially other technology startups) learn from our mistakes. We’ll be honest, we don’t really have the slightest idea what we’re doing (yet) and we’re certain we’ll make a ton of mistakes. Our only hope is that a) our mistakes aren’t catastrophic b) they make funny stories later in life and c) someone else can learn from them.
And as for the selfish purposes?
2. To keep anyone who may be interested in our progress up to date (while minimizing repeating ourselves) We’re incredibly lucky to have such a great support structure of friends and family to wish us well and ask about our progress. But we’re going to be pretty busy working 22 hours a day and eating Ramen, and unfortunately, it’s inevitable that we’ll be unable to keep everyone up-to-date on the details as much as we’d like. Watch this spot for details of our thrilling exploits so we don’t feel quite so guilty for not calling.
3. To ask for help. We most definitely do not know it all, and so we’ll probably post questions and hope to get some feedback from anyone else out there who can help us out. In theory, we’ll be asking the same questions some other startups have, and you’ll find the responses as interesting as we will.
4. To hold ourselves accountable. It can be pretty easy to allow ourselves some wiggle room on various topics, both technical and otherwise, when they are just rustling around in our heads. But, we’ve found that if we’re taking the time to write them down (especially with the expectation that someone’s going to actually read it), we’re more likely to dot our Is and cross our Ts. In other words, we’re pretty sure someone is going call us on our BS (please do), which is extra incentive to get all our mental ducks in order.
Of course, blogging is also a incredibly good way to put off doing real work.


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