Mistake the first


It seems that you should not skimp on dry-erase markers. We bought the cheaper brand (Foray), thinking “How could someone possibly mess up dry-erase markers?” Well, as it turns out, the markers were rather dry, but most certainly did not erase. That would seem like a pretty crucial property of dry-erase markers, but maybe I just don’t understand the budget office supplies market well enough. We ended up going with the Sanford Expos, and they work great.
Another key lesson – when first testing your dry erase markers, draw something rather small and unoffensive. Let’s just say someone drew something out a junior-high health textbook very largely on the whiteboard to test out the markers and we had quite a scare when it wasn’t erasing.
Final dry-erase-related lesson for today: – when you have to get something permanent off your dry-erase board, use this trick


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