Reading text on paper, for fun and profit


Like most every startup-to-be, over the past year we’ve been reading, reading, reading. Here are the books that blew our minds, inspired us, or just provided some good tips on either programming or business.
General Programming
* Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software
* Extreme Programming Explained
* Getting Real
* Hackers and Painters
* Joel on Software
* Pragmatic Project Automation
* Pragmatic Unit Testing
* Refactoring
* The Pragmatic Programmer
Specific Programming
* Agile Web Development with Rails
* Ant Developers Handbook
* Beginning PHP, Apache, MySQL Web Development
* Google Hacks
* The Long Tail
* The Tipping Point
* The World is Flat
* Co-opetition
* Good to Great
* How to Raise Capital
Productivity/Life skills
* Getting Things Done
* Getting to Yes
* How to Win Friends and Influence People
Currently Reading
* Crossing the Chasm
* Start Your Own Business
In the Queue
* Convergence Culture
* Inside the Tornado
* Juicing the Orange
* The Ruby Way
* The Wisdom of Crowds
Any other great books that need to be on this reading list?


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