These newfangled web-logs


What kinds of stuff are we reading on a daily basis? Besides checking reddit about ten times a day (a very bad habit that occasionally yields very good results), we also are reading the following blogs
* Small Business 2.0
* OnStartups
* Paul Graham’s site (not exactly a blog, but we’re addicted to his essays)
I used to read Joel on Software, but I’ve been checking it out less and less over the past year. I also keep my eye on Lambda the Ultimate, but unfortunately, I only understand about 5% of what’s posted there.
Any other good software/technology/business/startup blogs out there we should check out?


One Response to “These newfangled web-logs”

  1. dave Says:

    i suggest you check out the “rebel rant” for marketing tools and good ways to write great advertising copy.
    you can download his first 11 issues free. go buffs!!

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