Mistake the 2nd –or– We don’t care about your opinions


Some alert readers may have noticed that a number of your comments have mysteriously disappeared from this blog. There is a simple reason for this phenomenon: this blog is a one way street and we don’t care about your worthless opinions or feedback at all.
Just kidding. We actually really appreciate all the feedback we’re getting – we do read it and it does really help us. Unfortunately, someone who shall remain nameless got a little over-zealous deleting some spam comments from other blogs and accidentally deleted your comments. I’ll give you a hint: it’s not me and his last name sounds like an elected official (and it’s NOT Johnny Aturneygennurall). It’s that kind of attention to detail that will make this venture successful.
We’ll be more careful, we promise.


One Response to “Mistake the 2nd –or– We don’t care about your opinions”

  1. Uknow Says:

    It could be restored if I went through all the back ups… Which would take more effort than it is worth… So I won’t.
    Seriously my bad, but for the record if it was something really important we do have everything backed up and it could be restored, and it sounds like i deleted a total of 12 legit commits across 5 blogs, while removing 5,600 spam comments… So I think it was probably worth cleaning that part up. It also means it is time we implement some better spam protection.

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