Minor victory


We’re the number one result when you Google “pretheory”. Yes, I realize this is somewhat less impressive since it’s a sort of made-up word (others have used it but we haven’t found it in any dictionary). Now, if we can just get big enough for Google to drop “Did you mean: pre theory” from the results page, we’ll know we’re sitting pretty.


2 Responses to “Minor victory”

  1. Dylan Says:

    I didn’t know you guys were putting out press releases (see the link 5 down in the Google search results)

  2. Pretheory co-founder "D" Says:

    Yeah, I did that to test our ability to promote certain articles and determine which avenues would do the best. I have only worked with one article for now, but it has become the most linked-to and viewed article we have. This will let us start to watch which incoming links work the best or are most effective at increasing search engine rankings.

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