The trouble with blogging


Yet again, I apologize for the utter lack of posts. I’m shocked and ashamed when I realize it’s been almost a month.
I’d like to say that it’s because we’re so being so incredibly productive – and, truth be told, that’s part of it. Since Dan quit his job, it’s been pretty crazy around here. We’ve gotten a whole lot of code written – in fact, we’re hoping to get an early limited-issue release out very soon. Right now, the site feels like my ’93 Saturn: it might be ugly, but dammit, it works (most of the time).
But another factor is that it’s surprisingly difficult to blog while you’re writing lots of code. I sort of assumed that blogging would be a nice break from coding, an activity that I would look forward to in order to organize my thoughts and keep any interested parties up-to-date.
But man, that code lives with you, day and night. You that feeling when you’re positive you know some name or detail but you just can’t remember it? It’s right on the tip of your brain, and it drives you crazy trying to remember it. And usually a day later, you’re having an unrelated conversation with a friend, and you’re like “Battle Cat! He-Man’s tiger was named Battle Cat”, which really confuses the hell out of your friend.
Well, it’s kind of like that, although the Battle Cat moments come less often, and as soon as you solve one issue, your brain immediately starts working on some other problem without your permission. So I end up thinking about code in the shower. And I dream about it. And I catch myself not really listening to friends’ stories because I’m trying to solve some obscure technical problem, even though I’m supposed to be relaxing.
The point is that I’ve got code on the brain, which makes it really hard to do other activities. As much as I tell myself that things like writing blog posts and actually reading (I’m still trying to get through Crossing the Chasm) are worthwhile uses of time, writing more code always seems more pressing. I guess that’s a balance I’ll learn to strike better as time goes by. Or I can always sleep less…
The last, but not least, reason I haven’t posted is that I’ve spent the last five days desperately trying to get our sites back up after our server totally ate it. It’s been quite an adventure, but I’ll save all the thrilling details for another post (and in less than a month, I promise!).


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