Name Games, Part II


Lately we’ve been focusing more on the business side of things (not as much fun as development, but somebody has to make it happen).
On the minus side, it’s demotivating to not see any real progress on the application. On the plus side, we can check ‘find an accountant’ and ‘set up bank accounts’ off our list. And we’ve almost found a graphic designer for the site, which will be a huge step forward.
The biggest roadblock right now is coming up with a name for our site. We need the name to start designing a logo as well as a look-and-feel for the site itself. We’ve been brainstorming a lot. In some respects, it’s easier than figuring out a company name – the search space is smaller, because we need a name that reflects what the site actually does. In other ways, it’s a lot harder, mostly because our company name can change in six months without too much damage to our company. But if we have to change the product name in six months (due to a legal complication or anything else), it would really, really hurt us.
And of course, there are all the standard assorted problems with naming that I’ve written about previously.
Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback on possible names (if you’re reading this and you didn’t get an email about this, let me know. I think gmail has been a bit sketchy lately). The feedback you gave us was really helpful. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a single name that stood above the rest. There wasn’t even a single name that didn’t have some reasonably large problem with it. So we’re going to think about this a bit more and try to come up with some more names. Hopefully we’ll have something we’re happy with by the end of the week.


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