PickyDomains.com – You get what you pay for


As anyone starting a website knows, picking a domain name is a very time-intensive and difficult task. We spent a ton of time to come up with both Pretheory and Seekler.
While we were in the process of trying to come up with Seekler, we stumbled across PickyDomains. The idea is that you submit the key concepts you want in your domain name as well as any specific restrictions you have (e.g. whether you want hyphens or not). Then users can suggest names. If you like one, you let them know, and then you are free to go buy it.
In our case, PickyDomains didn’t actually give us any names we liked. This may have been because we spent so much time working on names before we tried PickyDomains, so we had already considered a lot of the word combinations that were suggested. It did however, give us some good ideas. Often we would run through the list of names and then start brainstorming from there, which would often result in some better names.
Even though PickyDomains didn’t produce a name for us, I would recommend it to anyone. Why? Well, first of all, it’s only $50. So even if there is a small chance that you will get a great name, it’s such a small amount of money it’s worth giving it a short. Even better – it’s risk free. If you don’t end up picking one of the suggested names, you can easily get your money back. At the very least, it’ll give you some free ideas that you can use to kickstart the creative process, and at the very best, you might get a great name at a bargain price.


One Response to “PickyDomains.com – You get what you pay for”

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