Seekler Alpha Release Completed


We have completed the alpha version of Seekler. This release includes the graphic design work for the site, the initial feature set planned for launch, and far too many bug fixes to count. We had hoped to have this release out a bit sooner, but various things kept us holding it back and in the end I think we have a better application for it. Along with announcing the Seekler alpha release, we are happy to share the first screen shots of our application in action. I can’t begin to describe how cool it is to begin to see users testing out our application.
My current ‘Best Movies’ list. My rankings are automatically merged into a community list, which I can view by clicking on the ‘view community list’ tab.
We have been touching up this release with the help of many of our friends and family. A huge amount of thanks goes out to everyone who has been using the site and giving us feedback. It has been incredible to get so much information about Seekler. We would have never been able to improve the usability of the site as fast or to the degree we have without all of you. After a couple weeks of being live, we have closed out most of the glaring problems and will start working on issues we had been waiting on until after finishing the alpha version. We of course will still be looking for more feedback, making improvements, and fixing bugs quickly as issues are pointed out to us. If you weren’t invited to try out this release, don’t worry: we will be inviting more people very soon. It is time the for our users to help guide the general direction of Seekler.
The community list for ‘Seekler Slogan ideas.’ There are eight users contributing, resulting in ‘Seek Together’ being the #1 slogan suggestion overall.
We are excited to start sharing more of Seekler’s features and getting additional feedback on the screen shots. If you have a particular aspect of Seekler you are interested in knowing more about, let us know and we can start sharing more about our current vision for the product.


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