We’re interviewing with YC!


Dan and I are incredibly excited and honored to get the chance to interview with Y Combinator in Cambridge, MA this Nov 3-4.
For those of you that don’t know, YC invests in very early stage software companies. If we get accepted into the program, it’s quite literally the best thing that could happen for Seekler at this stage of development. We really, really want this.
But we’re trying to not get our hopes too high – this is far from a done deal. Many of the teams that fly out to Cambridge will come back disappointed. As Paul Graham said:
“In the startup world, closing is not what deals do. What deals do is fall through. If you’re starting a startup you would do well to remember that. Birds fly; fish swim; deals fall through.”
With that advice in mind, we’re going to keep working on Seekler as if there is no chance that we’ll get accepted. You’re going to see some big announcements in the next few weeks.
As we were completing our YC application, I remember thinking that even if we didn’t get an interview, the process of doing the application was hugely valuable in itself. It forced us to understand our project and business a lot better. I feel the same way about the interview. The absolute worst-case scenario is that we interview and don’t get accepted – but that means we get to talk face to face to Paul Graham and Jessica Livingston about Seekler! How cool is that?
By the way, for those who didn’t get an interview, we feel your pain. We applied last cycle and got rejected (from both YC and TechStars). Remember that every person interviewed in ‘Founders at Work’ was rejected, often several times. They say that persistence is the single most important trait in a founder. Keep moving forward.


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