First Public Release Coming Soon


Launching is a tricky business. One one hand …
We want to show Seekler to the world as soon as possible.
For one thing, we want to get more eyes on Seekler so we can start getting a wide array of feedback. But we also want to start building buzz, getting incoming links, etc. Just as importantly, we want to start to get a glimpse of what our scaling needs might be.
At the same time …
We want to make sure our existing users have a near-flawless experience.
We want to continue to get detailed feedback from our current small group of users so we can respond quickly and fix almost every bug they run into. Also, we want to make sure that the site doesn’t slow down to the point it’s unusable or crash altogether.
After thinking about it a lot, we’ve decided that a staged roll out makes the most sense. Here’s our current plan:
Stage 1: Publicly Viewable
First, we’re are going to let everyone get a look at Seekler. You’ll be able to see how Seekler will help you find cool stuff by checking out all the lists that are hosted on the site. However, only a small group of beta testers will be able to actually submit data at this point.
Since most of the viewing operations are cheap, we think we can show off the concept of the site to a lot of users without killing performance. We can also continue to refine the data submission and editing experience with our awesome beta testers. At the same time, we can hopefully get more users excited about Seekler and let some search engines crawl the site as well.
Estimated Release: Sometime this week!
Stage 2: Private Invitations
After that, we’re going to move to an invitation system for sign ups. We’ll expand our group of beta users considerably. If you’re interested in getting an invitation, submit your email address at Seekler
At this point, we’ll have ironed out the big issues in data submission and editing, so we can continue to invite as many users as our servers can handle. We’ll continue to incorporate the feedback we get from all our users during this expansion.
Estimated Release: Hopefully about a month or so, but we’ll see
Stage 3: Public Beta
Finally, we’ll open up the sign up system so anyone can join. We’ll probably continue to call this release ‘beta’ just because that’s so Web 2.0 ish. Then we cross our fingers and hope that we can continue to grow our user base.
Estimated Release: When it’s ready
So that’s the plan. Stage 1 is coming next week!


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