Seekler List Widget


One way we think Seekler can be useful is for interacting with readers on a website. Publishing a list on a blog is a common post. The comments on published lists are commonly suggestions for other things to add to the list, or the commenter’s own ordering of the list. Trying to read through all the comments and combine them mentally is pretty hard. If you create lists on your blog with the Seekler widget, not only do you have a nice looking list, you also have a way to collect feedback from your readers in a useful way. For instance compare, Most Wanted Guitar Hero 3 songs with a blog post on that topic. Below I have included my list of Seekler feature requests, you can also check out what the community is requesting. Feel free to contribute to the list.

The widget shown above is our first test of a widget that will show one specific list. We also have a widget that will show all lists by a specific user.

Take some time to check these widgets out and give us some feedback so we can improve them and make them ready for release for all of our users.


One Response to “Seekler List Widget”

  1. Dan Says:

    One thing I noticed is when the user choosed a wider width, we should allow for longer item and list titles to be displayed. It would be easy enough to add and would make full width blog widgets look much nicer.

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