One Good Niche: Most Anticipated Movies in 2008


Recently we wrote about our efforts to find some good niches for Seekler. Our theory is that if we can get a lot of great content in a few key areas, that will get a lot of visitors to our site – and hopefully, they’ll start using it for other niches as well.
We’ve recently found our first really successful niche – Most Anticipated Movies in 2008. We’re in the first few results on Google for search terms related to anticipate d movies, and as a result, a lot of traffic is coming for this list. We’ve added a lot of content to the list to make it really useful, including links to trailers, descriptions, and tags.
Another things we’ve done is add to the ability to attach your own review to an item. Instead of just ranking the items in order, you can also explain why you placed a certain item at the rank you did. Not all lists have reviews (it’s such a new feature), but the Anticipated Movies in 2008 list does – for instance, here are the reviews for my personally most-anticipated movie, The Dark Knight.
Hopefully our strategy of aggressively targeting niches pays off. What other niches would you like to see Seekler target?


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