Good news for Seekler


We have always known that consumer opinions about products and services was an interesting and profitable area to be in. For example, according to some recent statistics in Entrepreneur magazine*:
“62% of shoppers read consumer-written product reviews online.
80%+ say their purchase decisions have been directly influenced by reviews.
70% of shoppers share product reviews with their friends, family, or colleagues.
18% of consumers say they look for more product information online or in other locations in addition to on the product’s packaging.”
Since Seekler’s community-built lists provide an incredibly easy way for shoppers to find and share their opinions about products, this means that
62% of shoppers could be looking at Seekler lists.
80%+ could have their purchase decisions influenced by Seekler lists.
70% of shoppers could be sharing their lists with friends, family, and the whole Seekler community.
18% of consumers could find product information at Seekler.
We know that’s we’re a tad bit optimistic, but it just goes to show how many people are using existing review sites and could find new products and services more quickly and easily by using Seekler.
*February 2008 issue, page 26, source of stats not cited


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