A New Resource For Colorado Entrepreneurs


For the months before we launched Seekler, we were basically holed up in our house, coding night and day. Since we launched, we’ve been making an effort to engage more with the local entrepreneur community. What we’ve found is that this area (Boulder in particular, but Denver as well) has a great ecosystem for tech startups.
Some of our friends in this community recently came up with a great idea – to try and collect all of the knowledge that tech entrepreneurs need to get started in one place – stuff like recommendations on lawyers, accountants, banks, events, health insurance, etc.
This made a lot of sense to us – after all, we spent a lot of time getting Pretheory up and running, precisely because we didn’t have such a resource. And setting up the nuts and bolts of a company is pretty boring – you want to do that stuff as quickly as possible, so you can get to the interesting part – building a technology that people will love.
So, if you’re in the Denver/Boulder area and are looking to found your own startup, I encourage you to check out the Boulder Tech Bootstrap. If you are already up and running, I encourage you to go add some information to help others.
We’ve added some info to the site – and we also have created a few lists that we hope Colorado tech entrepreneurs will find useful. Check them out and let us know if they help you!
Best Boulder/Denver Startup Blogs
Best Startup Events in Boulder/Denver, CO
Seed Funding Opportunities (ideally, we’d like you to stay in the area, but you should explore all your options for funding…)


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