Moving on…


Well, it’s been an incredibly busy month since we last posted on this blog. In addition to coding and pursuing funding, we’ve been thinking hard about our future here at Pretheory.
After a lot of thought, we’ve decided that Seekler, while interesting, is probably not going to be become a viable business for us in the near future. As such, we’ve decided to pursue an entirely new project.
What will happen to Seekler? Our plan is to put it into maintenance mode. We’ll fix critical bugs but won’t be adding any new features for the foreseeable future. We may revisit the project in the far future, but for now, it’ll stay in its current state.
We apologize to those of you who are using Seekler and want us to continue development. We appreciate your support and we don’t make this decision lightly.
But at this point, we feel the best decision is to take all of the lessons we have learned while creating Seekler and pour them into our new venture. This new project is still in stealth mode, but we’ve secured some early funding and have gotten good feedback about the core product. Watch this space for links to more information about this exciting new development.
Finally, I’d like to thank all of our friends, family, and other alpha and beta users who gave us feedback, linked to Seekler, and generally gave us support. We certainly could not made it this far without you.


One Response to “Moving on…”

  1. Charles Says:

    Keep on trucking, guys. Consider this another phase in your growth – you’ve obviously found a more promising market. Go at ‘er.

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