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Good news for Seekler

January 22, 2008

We have always known that consumer opinions about products and services was an interesting and profitable area to be in. For example, according to some recent statistics in Entrepreneur magazine*:
“62% of shoppers read consumer-written product reviews online.
80%+ say their purchase decisions have been directly influenced by reviews.
70% of shoppers share product reviews with their friends, family, or colleagues.
18% of consumers say they look for more product information online or in other locations in addition to on the product’s packaging.”
Since Seekler’s community-built lists provide an incredibly easy way for shoppers to find and share their opinions about products, this means that
62% of shoppers could be looking at Seekler lists.
80%+ could have their purchase decisions influenced by Seekler lists.
70% of shoppers could be sharing their lists with friends, family, and the whole Seekler community.
18% of consumers could find product information at Seekler.
We know that’s we’re a tad bit optimistic, but it just goes to show how many people are using existing review sites and could find new products and services more quickly and easily by using Seekler.
*February 2008 issue, page 26, source of stats not cited


A new Seekler niche: video games

January 17, 2008

We had some great successes last week promoting our list of the most anticipated movies of 2008, but as that traffic dies down – we’re looking to promote one of our fastest-growing niches: video games. Seekler has a great list of the best video games of all time as well as a list of the best free computer games.
But my favorite is definitely our list of the best online flash games. If you are looking to ease your boredom at work or school, definitely check this list out. But be warned – I unintentionally spent over three hours last night playing these games. Some of them are very, very addictive!

Seekler beta: exciting first week & more press

January 14, 2008

Just a few quick announcements:
Last week was a great one for Seekler. Just a few days after we launched our beta, we got an incoming link from’s showbiz section, which brought us a ton of new visitors. Sorry if the site slowed down a bit – we’ll be addressing that this week.
Secondly, Seekler got another nice post at Mashable. Thanks, Kristen!

Seekler (beta) launches!

January 7, 2008

After many months of hard work, we’re proud to unveil the beta version of Seekler. We’ve added lots of features since we released our alpha version, but the most important one is that as of today, user registration is completely open to everyone!
We’ve only gotten this far because of our amazing alpha users and we will continue to be dependent on the support of users like you. If you can, doing any of the following would help us out immensely:
1. Use Seekler! Seekler will be able to attract more users as there is more and more useful data on the site. Making a new list or adding to an existing list would be a huge help. Also, you can add reviews to items on your existing lists to give them more depth.
2. Give us feedback! Seekler is far from finished, but we will continue to need your help to improve it. What features do you wish we had? What tasks are painful to complete? What lists do you wish we had?
3. Tell your friends! If you’ve been waiting to tell your friends about Seekler because it wasn’t easy to create an account, wait no more. Anyone can easily create an account and start making lists.
4. Link to us! Incoming links will help us get traffic and improve our position on search engines like Google. If you have a website, a blog, or even a MySpace of Facebook profile, and incoming link to Seekler would be very much appreciated. You can link directly to or to a list that interests you. If you’re into movies, a link to our “Anticipated Movies of 2008” list would really help us out since we’re currently trying to promote that list.